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Certified Pesticides free

Our vegetables meet the same strict parameters as organic or infant formula in terms of (non-)pesticide content.

“We are the first and only grower in the Slovak Republic to introduce a system of year-round cultivation of fruiting vegetables in a greenhouse without pesticide residues.”

About label of Pesticides free

We only have one Health

Ordinary people are exposed to pesticide residues through the consumption of agricultural products. In doing so, some pesticides have been linked directly to the development of various types of cancer, negatively affect the development of the human foetus and even affect the fertility of both women and men. Pesticide residues in food are also responsible for various allergic reactions, respiratory problems, undesirable skin manifestations, and have a negative impact on the function of the nervous system, both in adults and in children.

Pesticides free

Pesticides A necessary evil?

Pesticides are used to control diseases and pests on plants, in warehouses, apartments and other areas. Their main ingredients are substances with a specific mechanism of action acting on a particular pest. The active substances are of synthetic origin, sometimes they are also obtained from natural sources.

“However, the use of these substances is not essential for cultivation. Our vegetables are proof of this.”

Pesticides free


Pesticides on the Kameničany farm are replaced in the fight against pests by natural and above all natural enemies – “good” insects that prevent pests from multiplying without the use of chemistry. This allows the tomatoes to ripen in peace and warmth to beauty and first-class flavour. This inherent prevention allows us to supply the Slovak consumer with naturally sweet, fresh, tasty and healthy tomatoes all year round.

Image: Dravá ploštica Macrolophus pygmaeus

Pesticides free

Pollination Bumble bee

The bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) is the largest species of its genus and is quite abundant in Europe. Its oval body is decorated with two yellow-brown stripes – behind the head, on the chest and on the rump. It also has a typical white rump. The bumblebee has a sting, but unlike wasps, bees and hornets, it rarely uses it.

“For the bee, the tomato flower is unattractive because it contains no nectar. Bumblebees, on the other hand, have proven to be diligent and thorough workers.”

Pesticides free


Biological plant protection is a game of time. Therefore, the monitoring of diseases and pests in the greenhouse is the basis of biological plant protection. We release natural enemies of pests into the greenhouse every week as a precaution. This will create a stable population of predators and parasites in the greenhouse that will not allow pests to multiply.

‘The tomatoes grown at Kameničany Farm are completely pesticide-free. This is in spite of the fact that it is a significantly more expensive and complex way of growing.”

Pesticides free